Amy Pee Pee
The Wanted - Fabulous Magazine Interview.

Hello boys ! Today you’re Wanted men. Have you ever had a brush with the law?
M: I was nearly arrested on the way home from a gig. A copper came over because I was at the side of the road not feeling too well. It was non-alcohol related.
J: Funny he said he hadn’t been drinking and yet his symptoms were sickness, slurred speech and stinking of booze!

Do you get lots of attention when your out?
N: Mainly when were out as a 5. When we’re alone, no one looks at us twice.
S: The last time we got loads of attention was actually in McDonald’s. someone tweeted it and we got absoloutly mobbbed.
T: Within a minute there was a massive group of girls and we were like: ‘What the hell? How did you even know?’

Whos dating and whos single?
M: We’re all single except Siva.
T: Siva’s not just dating, hes pretty much married with 6 kids and a mortgage.
S: Shes called Nareesha and we’ve been together for 2 years 7 months.
T: Days minutes seconds. Come on Siv! There are loads of girls waiting out there for you.

So wheres the strangest place youve ever got down to,erm, it?
N: A golf course at about 4am. We’d been at a party and got lost.
J: I was camping and we did it in a  barn.
T: A forrest. I made it all romantic and put quilts out.
M:On a bowling green at an over-70’s club in Bolton. The clubhouse was all lit up so it was quite beautiful.

How did you meet your lady siva?
S: It was in Belfast.
N: She was dating his twin brother!
S: No,no! Oh God, Nathan. That’s not true by the way.

Describe your ideal woman..
N: Demi Lovato.
M: Angelina Jolie. I like a wild girl.
J: Indie girls, a bit boho, fit and funny.
T: Anyone with a pulse. I do like glamour model types.
J: He’d go with girls who are in no way glamorous or youthful, too. He’s not fussy.

Alright then, what’s the oldest woman you’d date?
T: I slept with a 45 year old, but only found out her real age about a week ago.
M: I slept with a 36 year old when i was 16. she had three kids.
J: And whiskers, probably. The oldest ive slept with is 22, which is nothing compared to the rest of you.

When did you have your first kiss?
T: Nathan’s was last week.
N: I was eight actually! and it was with Britney Spears. I was on the CBBC programme The Saturday Show and I gave her a kiss on the cheek
M: I was about 10 and i bit the girls tongue. I’ve improved since then!

You’re all proper lads, but whats the most romantic thing you’ve done?
S: I drew a portrait of my girlfriend.
J: I wrote a limerick once.
N:Was it to dane bowers?
M: Jays a massive dane bowers fan and screamed once when we said he was at this party, he got really excited.
J: Dane said “You’re my favourite out of The Wanted” and I said “You’re my favourite out of Another Level!”

A bromance made in heaven. but back to the girls… whats your favourite part of a womans body?
N:eyes im going to go for eys
M:boobs. big or small. but boobs
T: I like eyes on a girl, blue or green. But if shes got three then I’ll walk away. And lips, ooh lips. I’ll change mine to lips.
M: Jay loves a round bum, especially a hairy one.
J: Im definately a bum man.

And what do you think your best body part is ?
J: My thighs because the rest of me is skinny, but they’re meaty.
S: My shoulders
J: He’s like an avatar

You’re all being quite macho today but when did you last cry?
M: I cried the other day. I went to see my nana last week and my grandad’s best friend, Stan, is dying of cancer. My nan was crying and that made me really upset.
T: We all cried like little girls when we got to number one with our single. We were properly sobbing.

And lastly, what turns you on and turns you off?
N: Turn-off ir arrogance. Turn on is .. innocence.
M: For me turn-off would be innocence. Naughtiness is a turn on.
J: I like a good dancer. But i hate arrogance in a girl.
S: Smelliness is a turn-off.
T: Turn of is lack of personality. High heels are mu turn-on.
M: What about someone in high heels with no personality?
J: He still would !